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SAM4S Titan S360

2.43Ghz Quad Core

The Sam4s Titan S360 offers vibrant & precise 15” projected capacitive multi-touch display and is extremely durable in most environments including withstanding water contact, dust & grease (IP55 Rated).

DISPLAY: Industrial Quality LED Display 15″ True Waterproof Flat Front Display.

MEMORY: DDRIII 1 Slots 4GB Memory up to 8GB

DIMENSIONS: 379(W) x 264(H) x 362(D)mm


POWER: External Power Supply for Easy Maintenance

1. Samtouch- POS software solution for retail and hospitality
2. ICRTouch, EPoS for retail and hospitality

Sam4s Titan 360 information:

The Sam4s Titan S360 is the most popular electronic cash register as it offers dynamic and precise 15" multi-touch display and is extremely durable in most settings due to its capability to reciter water contact, dust and grease. This makes it the perfect POS for all sectors within hospitality and retail.

With its crips and vivid colour enhancing screen, the Sam4s will activate with either a bare finger or a capacitive stylus, increasing the life expectancy and durability. It is one of the fastest and quietest PC POS terminals in its sector and coupled with its on board 64GB SSD, the Sam4s Titan S360 ensures it is built to last.

We provide two softwares for the Sam4s Titan 360:

1. Samtouch- POS software solution for retail or hospitality

2. ICRTouch, EPoS for retail and hospitality

Samtouch- POS Software Details

Samtouch allows any operator to start a sale/tab on one terminal and add to or finalise the sale on another terminal promoting fast and efficient service. Operators can quickly move a tab to a table/check anywhere in the system allowing all transactions to be protected.


Adding new products or specials can be time consuming and frustrating, which is why the Samtouch ‘Dynamic Screen’ feature is efficient and essential for businesses. All you need to do is create the product, assign it to the category and Samtouch will do the rest automatically for you. With menu rotation it is easy to activate and de-activate the product lines and Samtouch’s dynamic screen technology will update the screen instantly, making the item saleable.

With Samtouch being designed specifically for the hospitality and retail industry it allows for fast and efficient operation with key systems set allowing for increased accuracy, speed and operation of your service. 

Samtouch allows you to have terminals carrying out different functions, such as bar or front desk operation and it allows you to easily tailor a terminal to its actual function. Additionally, different members of staff may be assigned to specific roles or tasks, therefore their initial screen can be tailored to their particular job function.


Changing or using a new POS system can be stressful and can lead to core installation and setup issues. However, Premier Cash Registers ensures that the initial installation and setup is carried out professionally and is tailored specifically to your business operation. Full testing and training on your premises is also carried out on your premises to ensure core networking and system infrastructure is configured specifically to your requirements. 

Ongoing support is available for all our customers, whether you are looking for advice over the telephone, remote access to your system or a visit from one of our trained engineers, you can rest assured that support is always a phone call away.


As retaining customers and finding new ones are essential in a business, the combination of Samtouch and Samtouch Office makes it easy to manage customer details and promote your business by offering loyalty points or special offers. 

The combination of Samtouch front of house and Samtouch office solution provides full transparency across all terminals and locations throughout your business. 

The Samtouch allows you to offer promotions and discounts that are easily set up wit Samtouch or Samtouch Office. These wide range of promotion options are a great tool to easily incentivise ad influence customers spending habits.

Whether you are looking to implement a simple or complex promotion, Samtouch has the capacity to deal with a identity range of promotional algorithms and an unlimited number or promotions can be preset within Samtouch allowing you to keep things fresh and new to your customers. 

Promotions can also be scheduled to specific times of the day i.e, Happy Hour making it completely customisable to suit your business.


Designed for take-away and fast food businesses, caller ID connect your Samtouch POS to your phone system so the caller can be identified before you pick up the call. Your customer’s details are brought up on the screen and previous delivery address and contact defaults as they are saved into the system database.

This can allow for a personalised experience for your customer, efficient and fast order placing and smooth delivery service with Samtouch caller ID.

If your business is within the hospitality sector, you must follow the allergen information rules set, this means that you must provide information to the consumer for all food and drink. 

Samtouch Allergen Feature assists the operator to enquire if a product has any allergen content before selling the product. This in itself doesn’t cover the regulatory requirements but it’s a simple and effective way of advising the customer.

Samtouch allows you to provide a digital receipts which are sent via EPOS, email or on an app. By offering an E-receipt it allows you to built up your customer database as you capture the customers email address at the point of sale which is sent to their nominated email address.
This will also help you reduce paper usage and through the usage of e-receipts, companies can track their customers easier in terms of purchases and you can set specific marketing campaigns towards that customer/market.

Samtouch Order Me is a professional app designed for customers to place their own order. This is created for the busy restaurant and fast-food environment as it provides a safe and efficient solution for customers to place food orders either whilst seated in your restaurant or placing take-away and delivery orders. 

There are currently many stand-alone apps available which businesses use for these services however, their commission and transaction charges are extremely high. 

With Samtouch Order Me there are no commission charges and card charges are much less than other available apps. All orders are automatically processed through your Samtouch POS system along with your traditional sales channel. In additional, if your system has a kitchen order printer, all orders from Order Me will be sent straight through to the kitchen automatically.

This allows for a stream lined and efficient service for both you and the customer. 


ICRTouch Epos System Details

Touch Point powers everything from multi-site restaurant chains to independent retails and is ideal for any business, in any sector.

It has intuitive keyboard layouts for easy navigation and you are able to customise all button colours and graphics ensuring the till is simple for staff to learn and operate.

All sales on TouchPoint EPoS terminals are automatically uploaded to your cloud which means if you lose internet connection then all sales are still stored.

TouchPoint also allows you to build customer loyalty and retain customers as all account details are integrated into the till till so you know their spending habits. This will allow you to run targeted promotions, point schemes, create vouchers and gift cards that will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

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TouchOffice gives you complete control over your business from anywhere and at anytime by giving you real time and historical sales reports at your fingertips. Stock, staff, pricing and programming, TouchOffice Web gives you control over it all.

PocketTouch is a professional paper-free way to take your customers food and drinks orders. The revolutionary hand-held software solution has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industries. 

It allows you to take an order, pay and print a receipt direct from the table. It allows for shorter waiting times for your customers and staff are always on hand to serve.

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TouchTakeaway gives you everything you need to generate new streams from online orders with your very own webshop. This makes it easier for your customers to make a delivery or ‘click and collect’ meals.

Your customer can browse your full product range at their leisure, rather than being rushed into a decision while standing in the queue or waiting on the phone. This extra time can help encourage customers to spend more online than they would in store. 

TouchKitchen allows the customer’s order to be displayed straight in the kitchen with no need for paper or print outs.

When staff take an order from the customer, TouchKitchen receives the order directly and straight away from the TouchPoint till or PocketTouch hand-held. The kitchen can then easily manage orders as they arrive and begin preparing straight away.

It allows your customers experience to be smoother and your service to be more efficient.

From a mobile or tablet, your customers can order directly from your app-based menu to their table to seat with ByTable. This is perfect for hospitality venues who are wanting to improve efficiency and smoothness.

 As well as providing an effective order to table or seat solution, ByTable can be fully customised to suit your business branding, whether you are running a pub, bar, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, theatre or stadium.

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